Keith Bogan’s Tuesday Headlines and Linkage

In honor of former Wildcat Keith Bogans making the Chicago Bull starting roster, I give you Tuesday AM, October 26, 2010 linkage…

Patrick Patterson will start this season on the Rockets “Inactive” list”

Dem congressman – “Hey -let’s impeach Chief Justice Roberts!”

Conway not asked about investigation involving his brother in final televised debate

George Lucas mulling new Star Wars trilogy (please, by all that is holy…no!)


Bleary-eyed Monday Morning Linkage

Yep, it’s Monday – so pour another cup a’ joe and peruse today’s tidbits from the weekend Web.

Mitch McConnell is up for defunding NPR

Krauthammer to Tottenberg – “Why didn’t they can your butt?”

Jack Conway’s old college pals¬† – “Why’d he go there?”

After Saturday loss to Georgia, Kentucky’s bowl prospects are a bit cloudier

UK play-by-play man Tom Leach’s take on Kentucky’s loss

Absentee Blogger’s Friday Morning Links

Spent a little time with the family last several days. Here’s some hot morning linkage to make up for the absence. I hope.

Bill O’Reilly and Juan Williams hash out Juan’s NPR Fiasco. Two words… “de-fund” –

Surprise, surprise – voter fraud in Chicago (of all places) may pose a threat in the Illinois senate race. Thank you Capt. Obvious –

Alamo Drafthouse launches new web site, Devin Faraci, (formerly of as Editor. Devin and I have had our disagreements, but for film buff (like me) this site is pretty… badass.¬† See for yourself –

In NCAA basketball news, Conference Commissioners Association recently voted 31-0 to recommend the abolition of summer recruiting. This is pretty big news, this move is intended to cut the amount of recruiting violations –

Chinese citizens – “Turn up the heat, yo…” –

Post-South-Carolina-victory Monday morning Linkage, 10/18/10 edition



Guy Benson at thinks New Mexico Dem gubernatorial candidate MIGHT have had something else on her mind during debate! Yikes!

Saturday night victory by the University of Kentucky over the 10th ranked South Carolina Gamecocks gave Joker Phillips his first signature win as first-year head coach (first time a UK first-year-coach has beaten a top 10 team in decades). As you can see from this video from, it was a little emotional for Joker. Great coach, great win.

More from KSR, by way of ESPN – quarterback Mike Hartline and coach Joker Phillips get praise for their performance an Saturday night.

One more UK post. Ladies and gentlemen… I give you The Underkanter! From Big Blue Madness on Friday night..

From, Mass. Republican House candidate Sean Bielat gets corner by Dem. Barny Frank’s…er… significant other. This simply confirms the arrogance of the left, and just how unhinged the they have become in light of the looming tidal wave that will be the November elections. Bielat has out-raised incumbent Frank in the last quarter and seems to be building momentum in what one would have considered an otherwise safe Dem. district. Two words – Scott Brown? (Video below).

It’s an all Big Blue Madness Friday Morning Linkage!

Tonight the University of Kentucky Wildcats begin their 2010-11 Road to the Big Dance by continuing the tradition of holding their first practice of the season in front of over 20,000 screaming, cheering fans. We’ll welcome new faces, reacquaint with familiar ones, and kick off the charge for college basketball’s national championship.

In their honor, I give you the following UK-centric linkage to get you in the mood for what’s coming up tonight around 9 p.m. GO CATS!

UK Media day was yesterday, so here’s a capsule of important notes:

Video interviews with some familair and some new Wildcats:

More Video form players both new and returning:

Brandon Knight wants to make his own mark at UK :

Transcript of Coach Cal’s presser at Media Day –

… and finally a fan video to get you in the mood!

Thursday Morning Links brings some real doozies!







Chris Matthews says that if the Chilean miners had been Tea Partiers, they’d have killed each other… or something. courtesy

Former UK forward /Houston Rockets rookie Patrick Patterson is huge… in China.

Rhys Ifans to portray The Lizard in Spiderman franchise reboot? says

and since we’re on the topic of re-boots…

Guillermo Tel Toro offered Godzilla reboot?!? exclusive from

Kickin’ off Humpday with Thunder God linkage and more…

Kentucky Sports Radio hits Pete Thamel’s Enes Kanter hit piece –

Tom Leach with remarks on Brandon Knight’s on-court decision making skills –

Charlie Crist set to make “major campaign announcement this A.M.

Kenneth Branagh’s take on Thor – “Shakespearean” –