Monday morning pre-tsunami linkage…

The historical impact of what tomorrow has in store can not be over emphasized. But this is no time to be complacent or prematurely exhuburant. Between today and tomorrow hard work need be done. So to paraphrase a certain YouTube legend,  “Tell your friends, tell your uncle and tell your kids… Liberals are going to try to steal elections all over the place”… so let’s send Washington a message they can’t ignore, and close the deal on Tuesday!

Miller leading in Alaska – we can only hope!

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – rock star.

“Unprecedented” – Gallup

Catch the wave – play along at home…

The nuts with ACORN are alive and well – working with Sestak in PA…

Bush’s 1 and 2 get roaring ovation at World Series – credit where it’s due.


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