Post-South-Carolina-victory Monday morning Linkage, 10/18/10 edition



Guy Benson at thinks New Mexico Dem gubernatorial candidate MIGHT have had something else on her mind during debate! Yikes!

Saturday night victory by the University of Kentucky over the 10th ranked South Carolina Gamecocks gave Joker Phillips his first signature win as first-year head coach (first time a UK first-year-coach has beaten a top 10 team in decades). As you can see from this video from, it was a little emotional for Joker. Great coach, great win.

More from KSR, by way of ESPN – quarterback Mike Hartline and coach Joker Phillips get praise for their performance an Saturday night.

One more UK post. Ladies and gentlemen… I give you The Underkanter! From Big Blue Madness on Friday night..

From, Mass. Republican House candidate Sean Bielat gets corner by Dem. Barny Frank’s…er… significant other. This simply confirms the arrogance of the left, and just how unhinged the they have become in light of the looming tidal wave that will be the November elections. Bielat has out-raised incumbent Frank in the last quarter and seems to be building momentum in what one would have considered an otherwise safe Dem. district. Two words – Scott Brown? (Video below).


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