Rumours of my Demise are Greatly Exaggerated.

Is a year and a half a bit long between blog posts? Is it bad form? Is there a book of proper blog etiquette or protocol that I can reference?

But seriously…

Does the fact that I haven’t contributed anything to this site for nigh 16 months illustrate a lack of commitment on my part?

Take heart. I’ve recommitted myself to contributing to this blog on a more consistent basis. A lot has happened since last I scribed here. I’ll spare you the gory details, or the long-winded tales of wonder and woe that bring me back. Suffice to say my muse has returned with an arm load of ideas and inspirations as to where to go with this endeavor.

When I first put fingers (both of them) to keyboard I  struggled with what path and form this blog should take. Strictly politics was the first choice. The political world was afire in ’08, and those of us of the conservative/ libertarian (small “c” and “l” there on purpose) persuasion had a pretty good idea of what a Barack Obama presidency would portend. (Insert “I told you so” here.) Thus my main focus at the time.

And as politically enthusiastic as I am, and as dense the fodder is for the crafting of political musings, there are plenty of others out there in Blogworld who are much better at putting their ideas, thoughts, and contributions to the collective civic discourse on display. And I’ll share those with you, I promise… as well as some own my own brain spasms. However, its became patently obvious to me that while I was attempting fair service to the “-Con” portion of my nom de plume, I was seriously neglecting the “Creato-” portion.

I’m just sorry that it’s taken over a year to figure out how to remedy that situation.

I’ve decided that I want to share, with any and all who care to partake, my loves and interests. Not because I think they are particularly novel or fancy, but because they are so varied and eclectic. And as a practical matter, I think they will broaden my blogs appeal by reaching out to a varied universe of interests.

In addition to being a fiercely political creature (born of love for America and it’s legacy), I’m an intensely creative person,  my loves and distractions reflect that. I’ve been a creative in the advertising industry for over half my life. I love images, I love words, and I love the art of persuasion. There’s a reason my Grandma said should have been a preacher or politician. I simply love to share with others the things I find amusing, entertaining, insightful, and engaging.

Some of the things I’ll be passing around the table to share will include (but not  necessarily be confined to):

  • Politics and culture – because it all comes back to that, now doesn’t it?
  • Comics, books and film (my first carer choice by he way. Yeah, that’s why I’m in advertising) – This is an era of renaissance for us comic store rats.
  • Film, usually genre-based – primarily sci-fi, foreign and domestic… especially Japanese when it comes to the former. Their culture has fascinated be since childhood. Oh… and Netflix rules.
  • Advertising – Of course.
  • Faith – I’m an “unaffiliated” Christian. I have both uncon- and con-ventional ideas in that regard. Thus my “unaffiliated”ness.
  • Sports – mainly collegiate, and unabashedly University of Kentucky dominated. Is there any more wondrous colour combination than Blue and White? of course not.
  • Music – I have eight guitars, a drum set, a keyboard. Each played with great enthusiasm… poorly. Also, an extensive collection of 70’s – ’80’s Rock and Roll. View my iPod playlist at your own peril. But don’t judge.

Some of these topics will be represented both by articles I’ll pen myself, and by an ever-growing, ever evolving list of recommended linkage. I enjoy a lot of things from a lot of different places. I’m certain there’ll be much you’ll enjoy perusing.

And please, feel free to share!

This is going to be an continuous conversation, and it’ll get damn dull quickly if I sit here and talk to myself. Which I never do.


I promise you this… if you share the ride with me it may get crazy, it may get weird, it may get wacky. It may take you places you’ve never been before. But I swear you won’t find it boring.

Onward and upward!


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